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Can I fly after SCUBA Diving?
If your dive required a controlled ascent it's recommended to wait at least 24 hrs before flying. If your dive did not require a controlled ascent it's recommended to wait at least 12 hrs. If you have any questions it's best to consult your SCUBA instructor.

Is this a site seeing tour or ride?
This is an interactive flight lesson that introduces you to the basics of flight. It is "Flight Training" as defined by Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) Title 14, performed by an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) in an FAA approved aircraft. It introduces you to the "Passion of Flight" where you can pilot the aircraft and feel the freedom to fly while getting a new perspective of the world. Ask any of the pilots you know about their first flight where they fell in love with aviation and they will beam as they tell you about it.

During the Kona Coast by Air experience, some take the controls minutes after takeoff and fly much of the time (except takeoff, advanced maneuvers, and landing), while others are a bit more timid and do not want to take the controls. Either way, you learn the basics of flight and can continue learning to fly or remember this as an experience of a lifetime. You get an official logbook entry that qualifies as official training time towards your FAA pilot license.

Any flight is scenic; it is one of the benefits of flying. If you only want a tour or a ride we recommend a boat or helicopter. If you want to experience an interactive flight lesson and the "Freedom of Flight" this activity is for you.

Vacation Tours - Powered Hang GlidersWhen do you fly?
We fly in the mornings beginning at sunrise and just before sunset. These are the times when the air is the smoothest.

What should I wear?
Wear comfortable clothing like you would for a motorcycle ride. If you get cold easily you may want to wear a long sleeve shirt or light sweater. Sandals are fine as long as they have a back strap and are secure on your feet. You may want a pair of sunglasses, and don't forget sunscreen.

Can I bring my camera?
No. For safety reasons we don't want to risk a cell phone, camera, or anything being accidentally dropped and going through the prop. We have cameras mounted on the wings, and still pictures are included in the cost of the lesson. HD videos are available for purchase. This rule is strictly enforced. Your safety, as well as ours, is our top priority.

Do you have any weight, height, or age restrictions?
Maximum passenger weight is 240 lbs. There are no height or age restrictions as long as the passenger can be secured by the safety belt.

What if the weather looks bad?
All flights are subject to Mother Nature, but just because it may look bad where you're coming from doesn't mean it's not nice at the airport and where we'll be flying. If we know the weather isn't going to cooperate prior to your flight we'll contact you by phone to reschedule. Planning to fly with us during the first few days of your stay provides time to reschedule if necessary. Also, you'll probably be up early anyways getting used to the time difference and will want to see some of the places from the air you'll be visiting later.


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